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Initial assessment documents

What to expect on your first appointment.

What to expect on your first appointment?

You will be asked to complete a health history form, if your appointment request is after a motor vehicule accident you going to have to provide contact informations for your rehab team including; case manager, lawyer, physiotherapist etc...This information is confidential and is required in order for us to formulate a safe, effective treatment plan for you. We will review the form with you and discuss your concerns.
We'll talk about your specific goals for this appointment and what areas of your body you would like us to focus on. For many people, this might include back, neck and shoulder muscle tightness, while for others it might mean addressing an injury or specific condition. With your consent, we may choose to do some specific assessment and testing. We’ll discuss our findings with you and together we will formulate a treatment plan. We’ll suggest the appropriate frequency of appointments and describe the therapeutic techniques we'll be using to help you feel better.
There may be modifications to your massage therapy depending on your general health, and this will be discussed with you before treatment begins. Referrals to appropriate health care practitioners will be given if necessary.
If this is your very first treatment by a registered massage therapist, the pre-treatment discussion will cover such topics as draping, client confidentiality, client comfort and the importance of communication between therapist and client. We are always happy to answer questions, address concerns or modify treatment plans when necessary.
We recommend 90 minutes for your initial appointment.

please print and complete/sign the following document before coming to your intial assessment.


if you were involved in a Motor Vehicule Accident (MVA) please complete the following document before your initial assessment. thank you


on your initial visit we require a minimum of 60 minutes appointment, first part consist of reviewing your health history, asking questions regarding your health, range of motion, orthopedic testing, pain scale etc...

second part; treatment plan and consent, massage therapy treatment.

any question do not hesitate to contact us


sincerely yours


CCFW team